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Using EF code first want to control the name of the genereted column WHEN REFERENCING SELF. Tried [ForeignKey] and [Column] attributes. [Column] does not work and [ForeignKey] forces a relationship that seems to cause a problem. I have used [ForeignKey] attribute to set the name of a column in another class/table connected to this one.


public class Episodes
    public long ID {get; set;}
    // ... other properties

    public List<Episodes> Children { get; set; }

want a table (ID, ..., ParentID) - get a table (ID, ..., Episode_ID)

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If you don't have the foreign key column exposed as property in your entity class you can define the column name only with Fluent API:

    .HasMany(e => e.Children)
    .Map(m => m.MapKey("ParentID"));

I assume that the parent is optional (ParentID is a nullable column in the DB table) because, I guess, there should be some "root" in the tree, i.e. an episode that doesn't have a parent anymore, hence at least for this episode the ParentID column must be NULL.

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answer looks good - but when i do this - get runtime error when EF creates the database "Sequence contains no elements" –  Simon Thompson Aug 4 '12 at 20:07
@SimonThompson: Can you show the code and the line of that code that exactly throws this exception? –  Slauma Aug 4 '12 at 20:52
there must of ben gremlins somewhere - its now working. Thanks for the answer –  Simon Thompson Aug 4 '12 at 21:24

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