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I've always seen the C include extension as .h.

I am working on a project with include extensions of .r. I believe the extension .r refers to Mac resource forks.

I'm wondering if C allows the extension on an include file to be anything?

The code compiles without any errors.


#include "HostTypes.h" 
#include "IdentifySpec.r"
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There is no restriction on the name (including extension) of an include file. All of the following are valid

#include ""
#include "look_ma_no_extension"
#include ""

However, using .h is preferred because it is the usual extension :-)

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Yes, you can do this without worries. The C preprocessor includes whatever you tell it to include.

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#include my mother :-) – Claudix Aug 4 '12 at 19:55

If it compile and it works, it's ok ;) .h is just a convention

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