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I was wondering is node.js good fit for searching massive amount of data, i know its main use is for asynchronous sceanrious like chat, ftp and real time etc. I was thinking of using node.js with mongodb to search 300,000 records of books for the library at my university, and see if it would oppose to using php & mysql. any advice would be great thanks.

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Node.js would be a fine application interface for searching data .. but practically, so would PHP or many other languages :).

Your backend data storage solution (MySQL, MongoDB, ..) is a harder choice and really depends on the how you want to index and search the data.

If your main goal is search you probably want to look into a search application based on something like Apache Lucene. These typically use a relational database backend, although some newer efforts like ElasticSearch do have growing community support for ingesting data from sources like MongoDB (ref: MongoDB River Plugin for ElasticSearch).

Since you mentioned book search and libraries, you might also want to look into ILS (Integrated Library Search) applications which may already solve that problem. There are several open source products such as Koha and Evergreen.

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Look at MongooseJS Absolute perfect fit in my opinion.

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