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I am using DataAnnotationsExtensions from http://dataannotationsextensions.org/

with an example from here http://weblogs.asp.net/srkirkland/archive/2011/02/23/introducing-data-annotations-extensions.aspx

Controller Code

    public ActionResult Create(Dog dog, HttpPostedFileBase Picture)
        Regex rgx = new Regex(@"^.*\.(jpg|gif|jpeg|png)$");
        Match m = rgx.Match(Picture.FileName);

        if (rgx.IsMatch(Picture.FileName))
                if (ModelState.IsValid)

Model Code

[FileExtensions("png|jpg|jpeg|gif", ErrorMessage = "Only jpg jpeg gif or png files allowed")]
        public string Picture { get; set; }

and the razor code

@Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.Picture, new { type = "file" })
@Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.Picture)

Everything I do it fails everytime at

if (ModelState.IsValid)

If I remove the FileExtensions Annotation it works fine but then I no longer have the ability to block file types that I dont want.

I have gone as far as to check the code for the data annotations extentions located here https://github.com/srkirkland/DataAnnotationsExtensions/blob/master/DataAnnotationsExtensions/FileExtensionsAttribute.cs

and I still cant seem to find out where the problem is.

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The problem is that some required item is not being posted. Since the only item in your model is a string it shouldn't be that because strings are nullable. Is that the only thing in your model? If not if there is a int (not the id though) or DataTime, etc. just add a ? after it to allow it to be nullable. For example, public int? SomeNumber { get; set;} –  Garrett Fogerlie Aug 4 '12 at 21:34
All of the items in the model are Strings except for the for the ID. So I still don't know why this does not work when I have the data annotation –  scripter78 Aug 5 '12 at 23:24
Set a break point, debug and look at the InteliTrace step by step, you may also watch the Model.State var and see what's up. Also you can comment out the if(ModelState.IsValid) and see if it throws a error. –  Garrett Fogerlie Aug 5 '12 at 23:48
if you added this line to your controller code: dog.Picture = Picture.FileName;, does you code pass model validation? –  Tommy Aug 6 '12 at 3:29
@Tommy I tried that and it still shows ModelState as being invalid. –  scripter78 Aug 6 '12 at 4:28

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I believe that the model binder is getting confused with a property named 'Picture' on your model and a HttpPostedFileBase parameter named 'Picture' as well.

If you update your HttpPostedFileBase parameter to something other than 'Picture', the model binder should behave normally. Example:

public ActionResult Create(Dog dog, HttpPostedFileBase UploadedPicture)
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