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I was looking for a way to implement syntax highlighting on my cocoa app and I found the great Fragaria framework https://github.com/mugginsoft/Fragaria. Unfortunately I seem to be unable to install the framework in my app.

Here are the steps I follow:

  1. Compile the framework from the source code target
  2. Add the framework to the "Link Binary with Libraries" build phase of XCode 4
  3. Drag the framework into "Copy Bundle Resources"of build phase

Unfortunately when I try to build my app I get this error:

dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/MGSFragaria.framework/Versions/A/MGSFragaria Referenced from: /Users/dedalus/Developer/DEGS/trunk/build/Debug/DEGS.app/Contents/MacOS/DEGS Reason: image not found

Which step am I missing?

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Don't add the framework product to the Copy Bundle Resources build phase. Instead, create a new Copy Files build phase, set its destination to the Frameworks directory and add the framework build product to this phase. The Copy Bundle Resources build phase copies the framework to the resources subdirectory (Contents/Resources on OS X), but the dynamic linker expects it to be in the frameworks subdirectory (Contents/Frameworks on OS X). The newly added Copy Files build phase will put it there.

BTW, the error you're seeing is a run-time error, not a compile-time error. So strictly speaking you get this error when running the app, not when building it.

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