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I am looking for a modern open source single sign-on/hosted identity management service that would let me embed a login button in my site with choices to login using Twitter, Facebook, Google, OpenId or any other common authentication system. Something like socialite but not only for sharing but managing user identity too. Ideally I want this service to store all user info for me and have clean REST APIs to fetch information if needed and only to provide a basic global user id to me.

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Meh, if OpenID was more popular, we wouldn't have any problems with that. I can't understand why Facebook or Twitter aren't OpenID providers and require people to resort to OAuth. –  Kos Aug 14 '12 at 21:51
"modern open source single sign-on identity management service" basically defines OpenID, even better when you add "decentralized" –  Kos Aug 14 '12 at 21:54

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Found exactly what I was looking for. Also oauth.io

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To answer my own question, I found quite a few but unfortunately all of them require either a PHP or Ruby stack or are ugly. Are there any completely hosted or Node.js open source solutions?

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There is russian site, which provides auth features, but it has English UI, API and bought by large russian search company Yandex (like Baidu or Google), so it has support.


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I don't think it would be possible (or "correct"?) to do what you want without any server side code.
Common for these social login methods are:

  • They tell the user the name of the site they are logging in to
  • They (the ones that are not pure OpenID providers, but instead social networks, like Facebook, Windows Live, etc.) have your "app id" registerred along with a URL and/or domain name for your site, and will not send the user back to another place.

So, using a third-party, hosted solution, will indeed be ugly (showing the proxy's name instead of yours, for instance).

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Janrain Engage provides a hosted solution for social sign-in.

Not open-source. Janrain contributes quite a lot to OS, but Engage's a commercial project. It's a hosted solution, so it indeed stores the data for you as you specified. Maybe this is the kind of service that you're looking for?

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