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is the currency symbol for North Korea. Its Unicode code-point is U+20a9.
In insert mode, I can press Ctrl-V u20a9 to type it.
If I only know its UTF-8 form e2 82 a9, how can I type it easily?

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Same solution with a twist of automation to help remember it:

command! -nargs=* UTF8 call EncodeUTF8(<f-args>)
fun! EncodeUTF8(...)
   let utf8str = ""
   for i in a:000
      let utf8str .= "\\x" . i
   exe "norm i" . eval("\"".utf8str."\"")

Now you can :UTF8 e2 82 a9

You can also type this particular character with <C-k>W=. See :help digraph-table-mbyte.

Note that you can also get information about a character with ga and g8 in normal mode. So it might be easier to just do <C-r>="\xe2\x82\xa9" once and then do ga to get the code-point.

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I just found this solution:

In insert mode, press Ctrl-R ="\xe2\x82\xa9" Enter.

I'd like to know about any other (shorter?) methods, though.

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