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I use custom metaboxes quite frequently. Very often I will have a "link" field in a metabox. I've been using just a simple text input field, but I'm trying to figure out how to put in a button that would call the same "insert link" dialog that the WordPress content editor uses. Is that possible?

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You can invoke the link box by first enqueing the required js, and then interacting with the wp-link js files methods.

Make sure you have enqueued wp-link

1 / wp_enqueue_script( 'wp-link' );

2 / Set up your ui. I usually use a button to invoke the link dialogue from and a textfield to handle the links URL.

3 / Invoke link dialogue

$('body').on('click', '.link-btn', function(event) {
            wpActiveEditor = true; //we need to override this var as the link dialogue is expecting an actual wp_editor instance
            wpLink.open(); //open the link popup
            return false;

4 / Handle link saves

$('body').on('click', '#wp-link-submit', function(event) {
            var linkAtts = wpLink.getAttrs();//the links attributes (href, target) are stored in an object, which can be access via  wpLink.getAttrs()
            $('your_url_textfield').val(linkAtts.href);//get the href attribute and add to a textfield, or use as you see fit
            wpLink.textarea = $('body'); //to close the link dialogue, it is again expecting an wp_editor instance, so you need to give it something to set focus back to. In this case, I'm using body, but the textfield with the URL would be fine
            wpLink.close();//close the dialogue
//trap any events
            event.preventDefault ? event.preventDefault() : event.returnValue = false;
            return false;

5 / Handle link cancels

    $('body').on('click', '#wp-link-cancel', function(event) {
        wpLink.textarea = $('body');
        event.preventDefault ? event.preventDefault() : event.returnValue = false;
        return false;

Should about do it. I use the same approach in my metabox class and it seems to work OK. Its abit of a hack, as I'm hardcoding references to the link dialogue's html elements. The dialogue does need an external API. Probably not all that hard to add to WP.

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I'll see if I can get that to work. Thanks! –  user1380281 Nov 26 '12 at 16:32
Awesome, thanks! Do you also know if there is any kind of context attribute (maybe inside the wpLink Object)? I'd like to have different actions on wp-link-submit for different dialog link-btn triggers. –  xsonic Jan 24 at 16:56

The wordpress editor uses tinyMCE as an editor. The Custom Fields related to a post, though, are presented in a special movable box and the documentation that creates the edition box of a post clearly states that once the WYSIWYG editor is added, it can not be moved around the DOM so it can't be added to those kind of boxes.

This means that if you want to add the kind of functionality you are looking for you will probably have to re-implement most of the whole thing by hand tracing in the code how that screen is generated.

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