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The android app stores the data in SQLite database during the offline mode. When online I want the app to sync (in both direction) with the datastore(database) in cloud server (App Engine). How do I implement this functionality, so that I can show the data captured on phone on a web application. Also please suggest any simple alternative way if any..

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This is an overly broad question that doesn't really suit SO. You are just going to get down modded. – Tim Hoffman Aug 5 '12 at 1:03
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I just write out my data as a String (using a format I can reconstruct my data with), pass that to AE, parse it and store/display it.

You could use json too.

or try

for the sync part I use a timestamp. If the timestamped result isn't recorded on the server, I record it. I send back the recorded stamps to the client and delete them from the store. Of course the server can also send back new results if a user's records were updated from a different client.

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In general, you should implement some complex algorithm, that will be doing synchronization depending on your needs, and then make it in code on both side (server and client). This not quite a simple task, in general. Useful keywords for googling: SOAP, REST, JSON, ...

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