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I have a problem with the Python PDB Debugger and my code written in SciTE.

So I have a class called "func". This class has a method called "hermite". I am using the PDB Debugger to figure out why my program is freezing whenever it is executing this method.

I start with:


The program freezes when I press "n", to go to the next line in the debugger.

If I put pdb.set_trace() inside the method "hermite", I get:

def hermite(a,b,c):
    .... (stuff here)

In the debugger now, the method executes completely, with no problems at all.

I have no clue why the debugger would freeze when the method is called, but then when set_trace is put inside the method the program runs just fine. Also, in SciTE, no matter where set_trace() is put, the program does not run. So its as if the program will only run from the debugger, with set_trace inside the method, for some reason.

Any ideas on what the problem is? I would paste the code for "hermite" but it is very long. I think the important part is that it executes perfectly fine when set_trace is inside the method, but it freezes when set_trace is outside it.

UPDATE: Nevermind I have solved the problem. Inside my hermite method, I was time stepping a differential equation and I was using (15 - (-15)) / 100 as my time step interval, and python was flooring that value to 0, so it was running indefinitely. The reason why the program worked in the the debugger was because I was forcing the time step to a non zero value to get the execution time to be small. Thanks anyways to anyone who saw this.

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