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Usually, I'm good with CSS, but I can't seem to figure this one out. If I have a structure of

    <h2 class="open">1</h2>

how can I target all of the sibling h2s using the .open class with CSS? My main issue is that sibling selectors (.open + h2) will only target the h2 immediately following .open.

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You can select all the following siblings using CSS3's ~ instead of + (which is in CSS2):

.open ~ h2

If you need to select all h2 elements that aren't .open whether they precede or follow .open, there is no sibling combinator for that. You'll need to use :not() instead:


Optionally with a child combinator if you need to limit the selection to div containers:

div > h2:not(.open)
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Alright, that's what I needed to know. And I'm performing a function on the .open class, too, so I'd just have to do $('.open').siblings – Chad Aug 5 '12 at 2:19
While this post answers the question, some might also find this answer (…) useful just to confirm that the "general sibling selector" will not target previous siblings, only subsequent siblings. – Luke Jun 2 at 1:54

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