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I want to select from a table and return the number of occurrences of a particular value in a column.

I also want the number of occurrences of that value to appear in the result set.

For example

With this Car table

type color 
===== ===
bmw   blue
lexus green
Ford  blue
KIA   yellow

I would like to build a query that will return the following results.

type  color   colorcount
===== ===     =======
bmw    blue    2
lexus  green   1
Ford   blue    2
KIA    yellow  1

I tried:

select type,color, count(color) from Car

but this obviously didn't work. Does anyone know how this can be done?

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SELECT c.type, c.color, x.colorCount
  FROM car c
      ,( SELECT color, COUNT(*) colorCount
           FROM car
           GROUP by color ) x
  WHERE c.color = x.color;
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This worked like a charm!! thank you so much Glenn!! – Ronnie Phelps Aug 5 '12 at 4:19

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