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I'm trying to display RAM used on a windows 8 metro style app (using VS 2012).

I'm trying to use the following code:

PerformanceCounter ramCounter;

I get an error saying VS 2012 can't find PerformanceCounter.

It does not seem to exist in System.Diagnositcs. How can I display RAM or CPU on a win 8 style app?

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It does not show up in the Object Browser search results, hence - it is not supported in WinRT apps.

Sometimes you can also tell for specific APIs by the "Applies to: desktop apps/Metro style apps" string in the documentation like here and here, but I think that is only available if the API is a Windows API.

Most .NET APIs are not Windows APIs and if they are not available in WinRT Apps - they are not documented on the Windows documentation site. MSDN does not include these "Applies to" strings.

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