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How would you get the value of assocIMG by key matching the key eg

if I have a var 11786 I want it to return media/catalog/product/8795139_633.jpg

var spConfig = {
    "attributes": {
        "125": {
            "id": "125",
            "code": "pos_colours",
            "label": "Colour",
            "options": [{
                "id": "236",
                "label": "Dazzling Blue",
                "price": "0",
                "oldPrice": "0",
                "products": ["11148"]
            }, {
                "id": "305",
                "label": "Vintage Brown",
                "price": "0",
                "oldPrice": "0",
                "products": ["11786", "11787", "11788", "11789", "11790", "11791", "11792", "11793"]

var assocIMG = // Added  - Removed { here, causes issues with other scripts when not working with a configurable product.
        11786: 'media/catalog/product/8795139_633.jpg',
        11787: 'media/catalog/product/8795139_633.jpg',

Above is the objects I am working with and below is my current jQuery. Help would be greatly appreciated.

$('#attribute125').change(function() {
    var image = $(this).val();

    $.each(spConfig.attributes, function() {

        prods = $(this.options).filter( function() { return this.id == image; } )[0].products[0];



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Can you explain better? I'm confused: you have a lot of product ids in that products array, but only 2 images? – Marcelo Assis Aug 5 '12 at 3:58
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You can use bracket notation to get object members by their keys. You have the variable prods containing a string ("11786"), and the object assocIMG with various keys. Then just use


to get the property value 'media/catalog/product/8795139_633.jpg' which is associated with that key.

Note that you should always use strings as keys in your object literal, IE does not support numbers there:

var assocIMG = {
    "11786": 'media/catalog/product/8795139_633.jpg',
    "11787": 'media/catalog/product/8795139_633.jpg'

Another improvement to your script would be not to loop through the spConfig.attributes each time, and potentially execute your action multiple times if an image is contained in more than one attribute. Instead, build a hash object out of it, where you can just look up the respective product id.

var productById = {};
$.each(spConfig.attributes, function() {
    $.each(this.options, function() {
         var id = this.id;
         productsById[i] = this.products[0];

$('#attribute').change(function() {
    var id = this.value;
    var prod = productById[id];
    var image = assocIMG[prod];
    $("#product_img").attr("src", image);
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You should not use numbers as object keys (in their start). If you want to get the value associated with the 11786 integer key, you will need to use this syntax:

assocIMG["11786"] or assocIMG[11786]



The first thing that you need to do is to create your keys as strings, since you would have:

var assocIMG = {
    "11786": 'media/catalog/product/8795139_633.jpg',
    "11787": 'media/catalog/product/8795139_633.jpg',

But even doing this, you won't be able to access the field using assocIMG.11786 and the first valid sintax that I presented will still work. The correct approach would be:

var assocIMG = {
    id11786: 'media/catalog/product/8795139_633.jpg',
    id11787: 'media/catalog/product/8795139_633.jpg',


var assocIMG = {
    "id11786": 'media/catalog/product/8795139_633.jpg',
    "id11787": 'media/catalog/product/8795139_633.jpg',

Note that the keys are now starting with letters, not numbers. And now, you will can access the 11786 field as assocIMG.id11786 or assocIMG["id11786"], not assocIMG[id11786]

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Numbers are valid javascript object literal keys, only IE does not support that. However, when written as strings there is no reason not to use them. – Bergi Aug 5 '12 at 4:23

To Get the Value from object by matching key I ended up with the following

$.each(assocIMG, function(index, value) { 
        if(index == prods) {
             var image_path = value;
             $("#product_img").attr("src", image_path);
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This is really the wrong approach, please don't use that. – Bergi Aug 5 '12 at 4:40
@Bergi Could you please explain why it is wrong? Thx – Mandeep Janjua Dec 4 '14 at 4:26
There's no reason to enumerate the object just to access a specific, already-known key. Just like you wouldn't iterate an array only to access its ith index. – Bergi Dec 4 '14 at 4:29

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