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I'm creating a cross platform utility, in C++ using Qt, for which I need to have shortcut keys (or hotkeys, not really sure about the difference). Essentially the application will run and only be visible as an icon in the system tray, and do stuff when you press certain shortcut keys (eg, Ctrl-Shift-f4 or something).

I am under the impression that Qt doesn't provide a way to handle shortcut keys unless the application is in focus, which, in my case it won't be. So, that's out (if however that is a viable option, please clue me in).

I've found plenty of examples/documentation explaining how to do this using Xlib/Xcb for linux, win32 api for windows, and carbon for osx, but I'm having a hard time finding a way to do this that would be applicable within the scope of a Qt application.

What would be a way to accomplish what I need?

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Have a look at http://libqxt.bitbucket.org/doc/tip/qxtglobalshortcut.html

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Looks like it don't work with Qt5 –  Петър Петров Feb 9 at 10:41

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