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ActiveState's Komodo is my preferred Perl IDE on OS X and XP. Recently I've begun coding new projects using Moose.

Has anyone found a way to teach Komodo how to "identify" Moose's Attribute and Method declarations? I would just love to see Moose-Support in the "Code Browser/Code Explorer" of Komodo.

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Searching around on activestate's support forums I found, that Komodo has it's own syntax-description language, called "Luddite", that is used to describe syntax highlighting and other rules for the "user defined" programming languages Komodo supports.

There is even a Luddite usage example on PHP .. and some "Compiling and Installing" instructions.

I guess the question now is:

Has anyone worked on a Moose-UDL/Luddite extension for Komodo?

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As a point of reference, PerlySense has a Moose syntax plugin for understanding that dialect of Perl. It uses the normal PPI document to look for Moose constructs.

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thanks, I'll look at it. – lexu Jul 25 '09 at 18:59

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