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As you know when we float an HTML element, we remove it from normal flow and other elements act as if there was no element at all, they just don't see it. But why text starts to wrap around floated image, isn't it suppose to go underneath the image?

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This article goes a bit crazy, but does a great job going through everything about the float property.

"The purpose of the CSS float property is, generally speaking, to push a block-level element to the left or right, taking it out of the flow in relation to other block elements. This allows naturally-flowing content to wrap around the floated element. This concept is similar to what you see every day in print literature, where photos and other graphic elements are aligned to one side while other content (usually text) flows naturally around the left- or right-aligned element."


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You seem to confuse absolute positioning with a flow layout. Floated elements are moved to the left/right, and text does respect them by wrapping around.

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