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I am using Websocket Programming in my Application This is my Websocket Client from UI Screen .

When i use the protocol ws , It is contacting the server .

var wsUri = "ws://localhost:"+<%=request.getLocalPort()%>+"/Ravi/hello-html5";
websocket = new WebSocket(wsUri);

But if replace ws with http , its not cotatcing to the server .

That is with this url


This is my web.xml



Please let me kow why http is not working ??

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What happens when you call new WebSocket with a http uri? Is SyntaxError thrown or does your websocket's onerror or onclose callback run?

The JavaScript API and websocket spec are unclear on which url schemes are acceptable. If SyntaxError is being thrown, your browser is rejecting http as an invalid scheme. Other browsers may behave differently. If one of your callbacks is being run, the server is rejecting the connection. Other servers (you don't say which one you're using) may behave differently.

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