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I try to eliminate "not" in the expression using the script http://rise4fun.com/Z3/XwGt however, it doesn't work, there is still not in the result, would someone help me?

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The output goals in your example are in simplified formula. There is no redundant assertion in any goal. The Z3 simplified form always use non-strict inequalities such as t1 <= t2 and t1 >= t2. Strict inequalities such as t1 < 0 are encoded using negation. That is, t1 < 0 is encoded as not t1 >= 0. The idea is to reduce the number of atoms used to encode a big formula.

It would be useful to understand why you need to eliminate the nots in the output. If there is an useful application for that, we will include a new tactic (in the next release) that performs the transformation.

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