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    <li class="home">
    <a title="Go to Home Page" href="#">Home</a>
    <span>/ </span>
    <li class="category3">New Arrival<span>/ </span>
    <li class="cms_page"><strong></strong>

Above is the html code of site breadcrumbs. Why do my template breadcrumbs add this code <li class="cms_page"><strong></strong></li>? All the code in the breadcrumbs.phtml of the base template are the same when i change the theme to default. There is no

<li class="cms_page"><strong></strong>

What's wrong with my template? thank you

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are you sure you are editing the right template? To verify that turn on template hints from system > configuration > developer

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yes,the template file i edited is right. now i commented $breadcrumbs->addCrumb('cms_page', array('label'=>$page->getTitle(), 'title'=>$page->getTitle() this line in cms/block/page.php. it's ok. do you know why? thank u –  down1234 Aug 7 '12 at 2:21

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