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I have a web page that loads pictures in a infinity scroll typ of way. Also I have a javascript that put a animation on the picture. The problem I'm facing is that the new images that are loaded will not get the animation properties.

First I have my Javascript code

<script type="text/javascript">

    function() {
                'target': 'div#scroll_items',           
                'url': '/popular_data.php',
                'newElementClass' : 'mosaic-block cover2',
                'onSuccess' : ''


                animation   :   'slide',    //fade or slide
                anchor_y    :   'top',      //Vertical anchor position
                hover_y     :   '40px'      //Vertical position on hover



What I would like to do is that the variable OnSuccess should call the cover2 mosaic function. But my Javascript knowledge is not that good. But i think this would solve the problem.

The plugins I'm using is: http://buildinternet.com/project/mosaic/ and http://contextllc.com/tools/jQuery-infinite-scroll-live-scroll

I have notice that if I append the javascript to the popular_data.php file then it will work on the second to last picture but never the last loaded picture.

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