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I am experiencing a strange problem with highlighting. I have a simple configuration roughly as follows:

<str name="defType">edismax</str>
<str name="qf">all_text</str>
<str name="hl">on</str>
<str name="hl.fl">*</str>
<bool name="hl.requireFieldMatch">false</bool>

I run the search on a single catch-all field called "all_text", and I want the highlighting to work on other fields in the document. That is why requiredFieldMatch=false,
All the other fields that are meant to be highlighted are indexed and stored, and they are copied to all_text with the <copyField> directive.

This works fine for text fields, however if the field is of type tint (TrieIntegerField) Solr doesn't return any highlight information for them. E.g., I have this field:

<field name="age" type="tint" indexed="true" stored="true" />


<copyField source="age" dest="all_text" />

but no highlighting for it in the search results.

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Which version of Solr are you using? Looks like you are running into a known issue.


You can try using a copyfield of type string for highlighting until the issue is resolved.

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I am using solr 3.6. I think it you are right, it's the same problem as in Solr 4 –  Yoni Aug 5 '12 at 12:47
This problem exists in 3.6 as well. –  kpentchev Aug 5 '12 at 13:16

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