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One of my apps has a feature that needs to contact an external server, but that also needs to be fault-tolerant enough to retry later if the request fails. I've been looking at my options for this.

The action is initiated by a user request, and an attempt to contact the external server needs to be made immediately (the user request will block during this; it is a private app, so I'm not concerned about any DoS issues or resource usage as the traffic will be relatively low). If that request fails (as determined by a timeout of a few seconds), the request needs to be added to a queue of some sort.

In the background, I need something that will go through the queue every few minutes and attempt to make the requests (again using a timeout to determine failure). If the request fails, the operation should be placed back in the queue to be retried during the next set of attempts.

Additionally, I need the capability for a user to be able to attempt to clear out their queue (as a background job). This has to be somewhat granular - a user should only be able to clear out their own queue.

What would my most effective option for this be?

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have you looked at delayed job? – Senthil Kumar Aug 5 '12 at 10:31
Take a look at Sidekiq – cpuguy83 Aug 5 '12 at 13:25

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