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I have both Linux and Windows slaves. I would like to install Git automatically on a slave first time the master needs to run git on it. how do you tell Jenkins to install it properly on Win or Linux, if possible at all ?

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Basically, you need to check if which git returns something (which git.exe on Windows, provided you have installed GoW -- Gnu on Windows -- commands).

If which fails, then see "Set Up Your Git Environment"

On Linux:

sudo yum install git-core       # RedHat
sudo apt-get install git-core   # Ubuntu

On Windows:

Download and untar the portable version of msysgit.
You can script it, using the curl command included in Gow, but for uncompressing a 7z archive, you might need Peazip installed (it also comes as a portable installation, a simple zip archive).

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Thanks VonC - the portable version worked fine for me. I was able to deploy it with Jenkins. now I am stuck with an ssh issue from a windows slave to my git repository. spent hours on this to no avail.I'll might send a different question on this. –  user1577236 Aug 7 '12 at 14:30

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