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I love Cubism.js

But i want to implement a feature i am missing from the demo.

And that is the need to see the value for a selected time and row. When i have a mouse-over on the graph - i would like to show the value for the row the mouse cursor is on (see picture beside the vertical line)

value shown for the time and row How could this be done?

Do i have a chance with CSS or do i need to dig into d3.js ?

edit: i have found the Stock-Demo ... but still now clue how this is done :(

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I could achieve that easily by playing with the CSS. First, hide all values:

.horizon .value {display: none;}

Then show values on hover:

.horizon:hover .value {display: inherit;}
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The left and right keyboard keys also seem to move the line, but I'll leave that one to you :) –  Kobi Aug 5 '12 at 12:58
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Check out view-source:http://bost.ocks.org/mike/cubism/intro/demo-stocks.html. What you need is the following: d3.select("body").append("div") .attr("class", "rule") .call(context.rule());

This uses context.rule() to accomplish that, a d3/cubism function.

The previous answer give you the value of one row, the row the mouse is on. The cubism.js rule will give value of all rows.

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