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I am using C sockets for telnet for the fun of it.

Right after connect()ing to the server, I recv() this:

In hexadecimal:

ffffffff fffffffd 1
ffffffff fffffffd 21
ffffffff 0 ffffffa4
ffffff81 0 0

In decimal:

255 253 1
255 253 21
255 0 164
129 0 0

I cannot find any manual that talks about 0, 164, and 129. Can anybody explain it? Have I converted the hexadecimal wrong?

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Try the Telnet RFCs. –  EJP Aug 5 '12 at 12:42

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These are TELNET option negotiating sequences, the basic set of which were originally defined in various RFCs including RFC854, RFC855, and RFC857.

For example the sequence:

255 253 1

Corresponds to


This link has a good list of the relevant RFCs.

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