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I have a form that I wanted be nested, but it is not possible since HTML can't accept nested form. Is there a way I can manually invoke the submit(triggers the validation, e.g. required) on first form on AngularJS?

Here's how the code looks like:

<div ng-conroller="ContactController">

    <form ng-submit="saveHeaderAndDetail()">
        <label for="Description">Description</label>
        <input type="text" ng-model="Description" required/> 

        <input type="text" style="visibility:hidden" />

    <form ng-submit="addToDetail()">

    <input type="button" 
        ng-click="what code could trigger the first form's submit?"/>


Btw, both forms are under one controller if that helps

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ng-submit binds the 'submit' event to an element.. and AFAIK, this should be attached to a button or input[type=submit] or input[type=button] DOM node, shouldn't it ? – abourget Nov 14 '12 at 16:05

We can always submit a form directly using the submit () function from javascript.


In this way, we can validate the form using angularjs first and if the form is valid then submit it using the submit method.

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Does not work in combination with ng-submit. – Michael Trouw Apr 1 at 9:39

I've answered a similar question here AngularJS - How to trigger submit in a nested form

Basically, you can trigger validation by firing $validate event

isFormValid = function($scope, ngForm) {
    if(! ngForm.$invalid) {
      return true;

For working code example & a small utility method which is helpful in showing validation messages, see answer in the above link.

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does not work if you have a form with ng-submit, a <button type="submit"> and a <button type="button"> with a manual ng-click in which you call $scope.$broadcast('$validate'); – Michael Trouw Apr 1 at 9:41

You can have nested forms with ng-form directive. It will be like:

<form name="accountForm">
  <div data-ng-form="detailsForm">
    <input required name="name" data-ng-model="name">
  <div data-ng-form="contactsForm">
    <input required name="address" data-ng-model="address">
  <button type="submit">Save</button>

That way when submit will be triggered for the accountForm it will validate nested ng-forms also.

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Try creating a directive that catches an event:

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Your code on the button that doesn't belong to form triggers the submit, which is good, new learning to me, +1 there. But it doesn't trigger the validation on that form. See what I meant with validation – Hao Aug 7 '12 at 3:57
is there a way to do this without including jquery? – Allen Feb 25 '15 at 11:14

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