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I'm using Ransack to perform fairly complex searches through some models. One of these models holds free text and uses the acts_as_taggable gem to tag the words.

I'm trying to create a collection selector of these words so that ransack can find any of the full text records from a subset of the tags that the user can define.

This gets me nearly there, but if I try to choose more than one word, it doesn't return any results!

= f.select :note_in, @freetexts.tag_counts_on(:tags), {}, {:multiple => true}
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Ransack is not really oriented to complex searchs. It is very probable that if you stress ransack enough you end with a harder problem that if you where doing a complex select.

For complex search I would recomment Sequel, from the same author of ransack and much better oriented to complex searchs.

Moreover, according to thes thread you are on a dead end: Ransack and acts-as-taggable-on issues

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