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I used the second solution of How to resolve "Could not find schema information for the element/attribute <xxx>"?

I.e. created a XSD with the button to create a scheme. I changed the stylesheet in app.config to app.xsd but now I get the warning:

The Global element 'configuration' has already been declared in app.xsd

Even when changing the name the warning is shown. Does anybody have a solution for this?

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I had a similar problem to the question you are referring to, I followed these instructions and everything was fine. Make sure the EnterpriseLibrary.Configuration.xsd is in %Program Files%\Microsoft Visual Studio [version] \Xml\Schemas\ first of all, then do this:

Enterprise Library installs a schema into Visual Studio that provides IntelliSense® for editing Enterprise Library configuration files in the Visual Studio XML editor. You must turn on the schema before you can use it.

To enable the Enterprise Library configuration schema

  1. Open the configuration file in Visual Studio by double-clicking it in Solution Explorer.

  2. On the XML menu, click Schemas... to open the XML Schemas dialog.

  3. Locate the schema named EnterpriseLibrary.Configuration.xsd. This is installed automatically. However, if it is not shown in the list, click Add and navigate to the folder %Program Files%\Microsoft Visual Studio [version] \Xml\Schemas\, then select EnterpriseLibrary.Configuration.xsd and click Open.

  4. Change the value in the Use column to Use this schema. Then click OK.

Link to the article is here , hopes this helps

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Thanks ... however I cannot reproduce the problem anymore. When I restarted my computer (which I seldom do) the warnings are removed, so I cannot tell right now if your solution works. But since you gave a solution I upvoted it anyway. –  Michel Keijzers Aug 14 '12 at 23:09

Rebooting didn't work for me, so I'd like to share what did work.

First, I just upgraded to Windows 8. This problem didn't occur before then. And this issue only happened in one of my app.config files. So I decided to compare the problematic app.config with a good one. In Visual Studio, with the app.config open, I went to Xml -> Schemas. I noticed that the good config only had three of these schemas checked. The bad one had the same three checked, plus a DotNetConfig.xsd. After I changed the Use column to automatic, for DotNetConfig.xsd, the problem went away.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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It was DotNetConfig.xsd for me to. I wonder if it was because of changing the .net build version, since I noticed a DotNetConfig45 as well. –  Adam Sep 22 at 4:10
If you click OK before selecting a different row, it doesn't recognize the change. –  AaronLS Oct 31 at 6:07

After rebooting the system the problem is solved, meaning I do not get any warnings anymore related to the scheme.

So it seems that rebooting (and possibly some implicit restore/reset removed the warning).

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