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I'm writing a bot to automatically download pages from my WordPress blog. The bot gets most of the pages without a problem. For example, it can easily get the first page of the article listing of a given tag: However, for some reason it can't get the subsequent pages, like

I've tried to figure out what was going on, and here's what I found: while the server answers normally to most requests, upon such requests it answers with a 301 permanent redirect. Peculiarly, the Location header is set to the exact same URL as the request! Basically, the server tells me to redirect my request of the page to... the very same page :P

When trying to access the page from the browser I get the page without a problem. I thought maybe the browser sends some headers (including cookies) that my bot doesn't send, so I copied the headers (including the cookies) from my browser's web console, but the behaviour didn't change.

I would appreciate any suggestions regarding what might be causing this strange behaviour, what I can do in order to understand what's going on better, and of course what I can do in order to fetch those pages automatically, just like I fetch their brethren.


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It seems this post hasn't generated much public interest. However, in case somebody ever runs into the same problem and finds this post, here's the solution I used. Important note: I still don't understand the behaviour I witnessed, and would appreciate it if somebody could explain it.

So the solution I've found is basically to use the URL instead of Funnily enough, this URL gets redirected to the original one when browsed to from a browser! But when the bot requested it it got the page without redirection or anything. (So I managed to do what I wanted to do, but I've got no idea what happened there, why there was a problem in the first place, and why this solution worked: for one URL the bot gets infinite redirection and the browser just gets the page, while for the other the browser gets redirected [finitely] and the bot gets the page. I am yet to figure this one out...)

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