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How can I have a long name for the app in the app store and then a shortened name under the icon once it's downloaded? Is it possible?

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When creating a new app in iTunes Connect:

enter image description here

Then in your apps info.plist file:

enter image description here

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The App Store name is set in iTunes Connect when you actually submit your app. The one on the home screen is the one you set in your Info.plist, so you can easily use two different names.

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You can set the name of the app for AppStore in itunesconnect. And the name of the app that will be visible for the user on his/her device can be set in the info.plist file of the app. If I remember correctly it was Bundle Name, but I can be wrong. Don't have a Mac nearby at the moment

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The long name is set by iTunesConnect; the short name is set in the build settings under "Product Name".

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