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I'm trying to find a way to automatically map URL to Request Handler in webapp2.

Here's what I want to get: with the classes below, all request to /users can be handled by Users, and all requests to /lists can be handled by Lists, without hardcode (URLRegex, RequestHandler) tuples in webapp2.WSGIApplication

class Users(webapp2.RequestHandler):  
class Lists(webapp2.RequestHandler):

It's very easy in webpy using auto_application. In webpy it uses metaclass to automatically register the new class to a global URL dispacher.

Since I'm not very familiar to metaclass, I'm wondering if there's already such method/example code available in webapp2?

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One way to do this is have all URLs handled by a single dispatcher handler using a wildcard pattern. E.g. "/(.*)" will be handled by the dispatcher. The dispatcher can analyse the url, instantiate the appropriate class and invoke whatever method on it.

However, there maye be some security issues, as the browser will be able to load and invoke arbitrary classes in your namespace.

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