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I have a play framework project which run on remote server.

I'm trying to configure eclipse to work remotely on the project. since no build is required my requirements are to be able to edit the project files from eclipse and automatically save on server, auto complete and debug.

I've installed Remote System Explorer on eclipse and setup a remote ftp connection to my server.

The play environment on my server is under /play-2.0.2/

My project path is /play-2.0.2/test

In RSE I clicked on /play-2.0.2/test and 'Create Remote Project'

Now in Java perspective I can browse through the project, change files and then automatically save to server.

My problem is auto completion of play framework library doesn't work well since all the reference are to /play-2.0.2/repository/...

any idea how to solve it? I tried to play with the build path but no success


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can't you just use the same paths locally and put the libs there? –  Kim Stebel Aug 5 '12 at 15:46
I can try, but the problem is the remote machine is linux so the path is /play-2.0.2/... and the local machine is windows so the path should be c:/play-2.0.2 any idea how to solve this? –  Shahaf Aug 6 '12 at 6:10

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