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I have to SUM 3 Columns and return the value in my result. What is the proper way to write this?

SubSonic.SqlQuery qs =new SubSonic.Select()

SubSonic.Aggregate ag = SubSonic.Aggregate.Sum(("Column1+Column2+Column3), "Score");

string SqlResult = qs.BuildSqlStatement();

In the SqlResult I just see the Aggregate Query like

Select SUM("Column1+Column2+Column3) As 'Score'

But I need the other fields from my table too.

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In that kind of query, all the columns in your select statement need to be aggregate objects, just change the aggregate type to group by instead of sum.

SubSonic.SqlQuery qs = new Select(
    new SubSonic.Aggregate("column1+column2+column3", "Score", AggregateFunction.Sum), //the original
    new SubSonic.Aggregate(TableName.Column4, AggregateFunction.GroupBy), //another column
    new SubSonic.Aggregate(TableName.Column5, AggregateFunction.GroupBy) //another column
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