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I have to SUM 3 Columns and return the value in my result. What is the proper way to write this?

SubSonic.SqlQuery qs =new SubSonic.Select()

SubSonic.Aggregate ag = SubSonic.Aggregate.Sum(("Column1+Column2+Column3), "Score");

string SqlResult = qs.BuildSqlStatement();

In the SqlResult I just see the Aggregate Query like

Select SUM("Column1+Column2+Column3) As 'Score'

But I need the other fields from my table too.

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1 Answer

In that kind of query, all the columns in your select statement need to be aggregate objects, just change the aggregate type to group by instead of sum.

SubSonic.SqlQuery qs = new Select(
    new SubSonic.Aggregate("column1+column2+column3", "Score", AggregateFunction.Sum), //the original
    new SubSonic.Aggregate(TableName.Column4, AggregateFunction.GroupBy), //another column
    new SubSonic.Aggregate(TableName.Column5, AggregateFunction.GroupBy) //another column
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