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I would like to start developing a 2D game for Android, but i haven't got the slightest clue where to start. For instance, how are the Angry Birds games developed? I'm guessing it's a 2D engine or something?

Can anyone shed some light on the matter? Anything is appreciated as i have zero ideas on where to look first.

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And searching for 2D game development didn't give you a starting point?! –  Morrison Chang Aug 5 '12 at 15:51
I've been doing this for about 30 minutes, and i thought of trying to ask here. I'm a real noob at develping games in general, haven't tried it before, haven't even looked around to find some info about the matter. –  AndreiBogdan Aug 5 '12 at 15:53
You might be interested in the book, "Android Arcade Game App: A Real World Project - Case Study Approach" –  David Koelle Jun 12 at 22:09

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I recommend LIBGDX


Open source, java, cross-platform, good support for Open-GL, lot's of examples and a good community.

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Second that, i also use LibGdx its great. –  mewiki Apr 28 at 17:49

I've used AndEngine extensively and I really like it BUT

2D games - unless you have something really, really complicated in-mind (lots of physics and collision detection), I'd recommend you consider creating them in plain old HTML (HTML5, to be specific).


Because HTML5 works pretty-much everywhere and there are some really decent toolkits for making more complex stuff (including level editors and basic physics stuff).

Moreover, you can convert HTML5 into Apps for both Android, iOS and other platforms - e.g. your game will work pretty much everywhere with minimal extra effort. Using tools like Cordova(phonegap) even allows you to access things like cameras and tilt sensors in Apps created from your HTML5 code (Dolphin Browser on Android even allows those apps to run in the browser!)

If you do want fancier stuff, Corona is pretty decent and easy to learn and cross-platform too - and Andengine is great if you're happy to be stuck on Android!

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Thank you very much. I did not know that. Very useful information. –  AndreiBogdan Aug 12 '12 at 18:43
everywhere I can read to move to OpenGL for performance and you suggests to move to WebView, javascript? how much FPS has that scene? or how much SPF (Second Per Frame) need to draw a particle effect, what do you do with Garbage collector? –  user529543 Nov 3 '13 at 22:36

Yes, Angry Birds was developed on its own 2D engine. I recommend to look at these engines:

Corona SDK - really simple crossplatform(!) engine. Nice one to start.

AndEngine - havent any type of documentation, but there are a lot of references and useful extensions, including Multiplayer. Good community

Marmalade (AirPlay SDK) - really powerful, but complex engine. Many hits were made on it

Also you can use Unity3D with 2D extension. Its awesome engine.

Good luck with your beginnings ;)

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note that Angry Birds used box2d physics library too .. so not everything was from scratch –  JiMMaR Nov 7 '12 at 20:05

I'd recommend AndEngine. They have a really good forum plus their example code is pretty much self explanatory.

If you're looking for a headstart, follow this tutorial.

Go for AndEngine!

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It is all well documented!

Try here, this helped me loads: http://www.javacodegeeks.com/2011/06/android-game-development-tutorials.html

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And will i be able to, for instance, develop games like these: play.google.com/store/apps/… ?? –  AndreiBogdan Aug 5 '12 at 15:55
designing a good game involves an extensive amount of creative juice. It is definitely not as simple as tackling a reference app for example. The resources available will give you the power to create games like that, hence the simple answer is 'yes'. There are visual tools (just search android 2d opengl on Google!) but the most powerful way is always go back to ADT and Eclipse :) –  bernlim Aug 5 '12 at 16:04

Persnally, To Get started with your first 2D game, Don't straight away start with a Game Engine or 2D Frameworks.

Here's a Game that I developed with just the bitmap manipulation logic and a java thread to run the game.

Parachute Penguins


  1. Create a Java thread that serves as a game loop.
  2. Make use of SurfaceView and manipulate bitmaps and with onClickListeners you can achieve a simple 2D game.

Go for Game Engine and Frameworks once you are comfortable with it.

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V-Play (v-play.net) offers several tutorials for any skill level. It's a cross platform 2D game engine. There is already a game quite simmilar to Angry Birds that was made with V-Play: Crazy Elephant It also also comes with ready-to-use game templates for the most successful game genres like tower defense, platform games or puzzle games and provides reusable components for handling multiple display resolutions & aspect ratios, animations, particles, physics, multi-touch, gestures, path finding and more to prototype and build games within days API reference.

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