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I've looked for an answer in the Apple Docs, and here and other sites, and cannot find anything. So I'm hoping to find someone who knows or has experience with it.

My app is using GameKit to store some Achievements (no scores or leaderboard). When I delete the app from the simulator, it is NOT prompting me if I want to delete the GameCenter data as well, like production apps usually do. Is this normal? Do I need to do anything specific to create this prompt? Or will it simply appear in the production version and is not available for some reason in the Sandbox?

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Since it's only possible to run a non-production version of your app in the simulator, a connection to Apple's production Game Center services is never made. Everything is sandboxed on development builds, as associated with your App Bundle, and configured in iTunes Connect.

If you want to remove sandboxed Game Center data (from your simulator and devices):

  1. Login to iTunes Connect
  2. Click Manage Application
  3. Click the latest version
  4. Click Manage Game Center button
  5. Click Delete Test Data button
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