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I would like to declare an array in kernel module and to access it within a userspace app. how can I do it?

How do I memory map it for using via userspace so it can be used by a user?

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You will most likely need to implement a character device. Then in your instance of struct file_operations implement the mmap function.

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@0x90, see also the comments for stackoverflow.com/questions/11501527 –  Eugene Aug 6 '12 at 9:29

I guess you have everything here: http://www.scs.ch/~frey/linux/memorymap.html

First result on Google, by the way.

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Linux Device Driver 3th Chapter 15. It talks about mmap. Chapter 3 and 6 talk about char devices.

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maybe the userspace I/O system will help you: https://www.osadl.org/?id=321

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