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Everything was installed correctly. I am using Windows XP ,JDK 7.5 , Eclipse 4.2. AVD is also setup correctly

When i run project it does not display it in a Virtual device. This is the error I get:

[2012-08-05 11:49:09 - Emulator] WARNING: Data partition already in use. Changes will not persist!
[2012-08-05 11:49:09 - Emulator] WARNING: SD Card image already in use: E:\Documents and Settings\chamara\.android\avd\Gingabread1.avd/sdcard.img
[2012-08-05 11:49:09 - Emulator] ko:Snapshot storage already in use: E:\Documents and Settings\chamara\.android\avd\Gingabread1.avd/snapshots.img

Image 1 image2

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It sounds like your emulator exited rather ungracefully and left everything locked up.

Look in your E:\Documents and Settings\chamara\.android\avd\Gingabread1.avd directory and delete any directory that ends with .lock. That should allow you to start up your virtual device again.

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I do not know what the exact problem is, but try removing your SD card and reboot eclipse...

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I'm running from emulator ( virtual device ) –  cmsgun Aug 5 '12 at 17:10
@cmsgun - Try removing the virtual SD card! –  paulsm4 Aug 5 '12 at 17:33

ok thanks I found solution my self just remove AVD and create new AVD now can run project :)

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