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Programming in Delphi (in xe2) I have a procedure in a dll that returns a pSafeArray I know that it should point to an array of double to retrieve an element i cannot use safearraygetelement(), because it uses a VarArray as input parameter. That would result in a incompatible-types-compiler-error. What is the proper way to get elements?

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The SafeArrayGetElement function is defined in the ActiveX unit as

function SafeArrayGetElement(psa: PSafeArray; const rgIndices; out pv): HResult; stdcall;

So you can use this function with a PSafeArray. Try this sample

  LArray: PSafeArray;
  rgIndices, LBound, HBound : Integer;
  DoubleValue: Double;
  SafeArrayGetLBound(LArray, 1, LBound);
  SafeArrayGetUBound(LArray, 1, HBound);
  for rgIndices := LBound to HBound do
    SafeArrayGetElement(LArray, rgIndices, DoubleValue);
     // do something

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Thanks,winapi.activex.SafeArrayGetElement works, but the default used by the compiler was Varutils.SafeArrayGetElement. That was my problem. –  JanJaap Aug 5 '12 at 18:21

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