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The docs don't talk much about these, just basic params with PUT/POST/GET/DELETE, but I have a multipart upload that accompanies PUT, how can I do test it? Thanks!

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To answer my own question:

builder = EnvironBuilder(method='POST', data={'foo': 'this is some text',
...      'file': (StringIO('my file contents'), 'test.txt')})

Since TestClient is a wrapper around EnvironBuilder, just extend the data dict with a file key, value, and then wrap the file object as a StringIO.

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Thank you for the answer. How did you use the EnvironBuilder to get the response? Would it be the same for uploading other kinds of files? For example: jpeg images. –  primpap Jun 8 '13 at 13:27
@primpap is this the same for images? –  user805981 Mar 2 at 5:16

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