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I'm aware that this is a common question on here, but I've been through a whole lot of other answers, and cannot understand why this is still failing. So, my apologies, but hopefully someone can point out where this is going wrong!

In index.php, the following code is executed:

// Set Database Configuration
$dbconfig = array( 
    'host' => getenv('MYSQL_DB_HOST'),
    'user' => getenv('MYSQL_USERNAME'), 
    'pass' => getenv('MYSQL_PASSWORD'), 
    'name' => getenv('MYSQL_DB_NAME') 

// Start database sessions
$db = oadb::getInstance();
echo $db->prepare("hello");

// Open a new session
$sess = new oasession();

The getInstance(); and $db->prepare() happen without a problem, and the "hello" text is echoed to confirm this.

When the new oasession() is called is where the wheels start to fall off. The oasessions() function is a session handler that takes over PHPs normal session handling, and puts it in a MySQL database.

The includes a class as follows (I've removed some irrelevant functions):

class oasession {

   var $life_time;

   function oasession() {

      // Read the maxlifetime setting from PHP
      $this->life_time = get_cfg_var("session.gc_maxlifetime");

      // Register this object as the session handler
        array( &$this, "open" ), 
        array( &$this, "close" ),
        array( &$this, "read" ),
        array( &$this, "write"),
        array( &$this, "destroy"),
        array( &$this, "gc" )


   function open( $save_path, $session_name ) {
        global $sess_save_path;
        $sess_save_path = $save_path;
        // Don't need to do anything. Just return TRUE.
        return true;

   function read( $id ) {
       global $db;

           // Set empty result
           $data = '';

           // Fetch session data from the selected database

           $time = time();

           $newid = $db->prepare($id);
           $sql = "SELECT `session_data` FROM `OA-Auth_sessions` WHERE `session_id` = '$newid' AND `expires` > $time";

           $rs = $db->query($sql);                           
           $a = $db->num_rows($rs);

           if($a > 0) {
             $row = $db->fetch_array($rs);
             $data = $row['session_data'];
           return $data;

    function write( $id, $data ) {
        global $db;

         // Build query                
         $time = time() + $this->life_time;

         $newid = $db->prepare($id);
         $newdata = $db->prepare($data);

         $sql = "REPLACE `OA-Auth_sessions` (`session_id`,`session_data`,`expires`) VALUES('$newid', '$newdata', $time)";

         $rs = $db->query($sql);

         return TRUE;


It is able to use the read($id) function without any problems, but when it tries to use the write($id, $data) function, it fails with the following error...

Fatal error: Call to a member function prepare() on a non-object in sessions.class.php on line 66

...suggesting that the prepare function, executed from $db->prepare() is not a valid object.

I've tried testing this by placing print_r()'s before and after the new oasession(), and both have printed with object descriptions, and there are no problems running other $db->prepare() calls before or after the new oasession() call.

Any thoughts on what may be causing this one?

Thanks very much!

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hello is not a valid MySQL statement. –  Gumbo Aug 5 '12 at 17:37
@Gumbo Correct, but irrelevant. The $db->prepare() function just performs a few things like stripslashes() etc - you can technically pass anything to it, as it is not built to process an entire SQL query. Thanks, though. –  Jamie Johnstone Aug 5 '12 at 17:44
And which one is line 66 ? Are you sure you really assigned $db in global context? (Your config snippet might run in a function e.g.) Test with var_dump($db); before anything. Also why is that method called ->prepare() if it's just an escaping function? (Tip: real prepared statements are significantly less effort). –  mario Aug 5 '12 at 17:45
Beware! Global state is evil! Do not use Singletons for database connections, and don't use global to get variables! –  Madara Uchiha Aug 5 '12 at 17:47
Usually, prepare results in a PREPARE statement. –  Gumbo Aug 5 '12 at 17:48

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Managed to resolve this one, as per

When using objects as session save handlers, it is important to register the shutdown function with PHP to avoid unexpected side-effects from the way PHP internally destroys objects on shutdown and may prevent the write and close from being called. Typically you should register 'session_write_close' using the register_shutdown_function() function.

Adding the following to the sessions.class.php oasession() function...


...fixed it all up :)

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