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Java 7 introduced a zip FileSystem. The link below illustrates how to create a zip FileSystem from a zip file.


However, I can find no example of how to create a zip FileSystem from an InputStream. Is that possible? If so, how?

Note: I know I can write the InputStream to disk and create a zip FileSystem as described. I consider that a hack, and I would prefer to avoid it.

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No, it's not possible because the file system requires random access to the ZIP file.

Shameless self-plug: You may find TrueZIP easier to work with and more powerful. However, the same constraint applies to it, too.

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Only a partial answer, but I expect you'll need a custom file system provider and this question about an in-memory file system might help. Note that the newFileSystem documentation shows a memory://... URL scheme, but no more detail.

As pointed out in another answer, the file system requires bidirectional access to the data, so this assumes enough memory to load it entirely.

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