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I want create an application like proxifier ! also my app can connect to Socks 5 or https server !

(I want use it in other browsers in my computer)

who can help me ? any source ? Component ? API ? Sample ?

translate texts whit google Translate !!


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Don't ding the guy for not speaking English. He's trying. And he's trying in a foreign language. Give him a break. –  Sam Axe Aug 8 '12 at 23:39
Thank you :) <3 –  Alireza Apr 4 '14 at 9:17

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Look at FiddlerCore API. It will allow the things you are looking for.

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To create a proxy server you simply need to create an online browser. Normally a browser is a software that sits on YOUR computer - consequently it relays YOUR ip to a website which then returns it's pages to you via your ip. However if you can create a browser that sits online, ie on a webhost, then the only ip that a website can see is that of the webhost, and your ip is effectively hidden. The problem with using another person's API to create this online browser is that they may have coded it to collect information about your browsing. The only way you can be sure to bbe safe is to create the browser itself with your own code, and browse to it with a browser that sits on your harddrive that you have also created yourself.

Creating a browser that sits on your harddrive is easy using VB.net's webbrowser tool. Then you need to create the online browser that sits on your web hosts computer. That is the harder bit.

What is the danger in using InterNet Explorer or Google Chrome or any other browser is that these MAY be coded to collect not just the sites you browse to, but also every key that you press. We normally TRUST that they do not do this - BUT WHO REALLY KNOWS - since you cannot see all the coding that browsers use. So you have to create your own.

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This is an incredibly flawed argument. You point out some (extremely unlikely) dangers of using commercial web browsers, yet extol using the .NET web browser control which is just InternetExplorer without the fancy wrapper. –  Sam Axe Apr 6 '14 at 14:08

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