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I want to set up a central project management tool and also a CI server, I'm looking for ideas. Our code is in C++ visual studio/.NET , our app's are mainly windows desktop apps...We have just SVN. The tool must be in-house and not SaaS. We are a very small start-up (3 developers) without extra resources. What do you think should a good start for a collaboration tool that centralized documents + code + tickets What do you think about Wikis ? Redmine Wiki? Do you have a case study that can help me? Do you have a good idea how to approach such enviorments ?


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You could take a look at the Atlassian tools suite.

JIRA is their issue tracker, Confluence is their wiki, and they have Stash/bitbucket for a code repository. I haven't used their code repository solutions (we use Mercurial in my shop), but I have used JIRA and Confluence and both are pretty decent tools. They don't seem to get in the way at all, which is a welcome change of pace.

Since you're a small shop, you can probably get by with the starter licenses ($10/product for usually up to 10 users). You can either install the tools locally and manage the server yourself, or they have hosted options for a monthly fee (if you want to save yourselves the hassle of managing backups etc, that might be a good way to cut down on distractions).

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Jira + Atlassian could be an answer. –  Eldad Cohen Jul 15 '13 at 19:30
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If your are working with Microsoft technologies, perhaps the best option is Team Foundation Server. However there are other ways to get a good development ecosystem:

  1. Build your own (install the tools what you want and support it)
  2. Use a pre-concibed dev ecosystem

I think you are looking for 2, and there are also options:

  1. Clinker (SCM, issue tracker, wiki, document manager)
  2. Assembla (SCM, issue tracker, wiki)
  3. Stash (SCM, issue tracker (optional))
  4. GitHub (SCM, issue tracker)

Assembla has no self-hosted version, so the filter only pass Clinker, Stash and GitHub. At this point start your work: compare and select.

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