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I've created a Button with another UIID (Buttonx) instead of the default Button because there are other buttons that will inherit the default Button UIID. the problem is accessing the UIID style(Buttonx) from the theme to style the newly created Button that I want to have the characteristics of Buttonx. I could set the styles in netbeans for the new button but it is not overriding the default Button properties set in the theme. please help

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So, you can set the UIID propierties to a Buttonby code but you can't modify this style from code. What you need to do is, create the style in the Resource editor and set the name Buttonx. Now in the code, set the UIID Buttonx to the Componentswhat you want with button.setUIID("Buttonx");. This Componentswill have the Buttonx style propierties.

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