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I have 30 images and next to them there is a upload button.

When you select new image and press update, it should delete the old image and save the new image with the same name and path.

I do this with:

string path = "~/Pics/Image1.jpg";

It works,i can see the change in my folder where i keep all of my images, but in the browser i see the old image and i need to delete my cache in order to see the new image.

Is there any way i can update my images and show the new images without deleting cache from the browser?

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This is a browser caching issue as you suspect. What you can do is add a query string value or something along those lines so that the browser will have to reload the file.

The end result would be image.jpg?image=randomNumber

I usually do this through javascript and you can use generating-random-numbers-in-javascript-in-a-specific-range to help you figure that out.

Now just as a note you are only adding the querystring to the source of the image tag just in case I was not clear.

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Thanks, i think it works after making some tests at work :) –  Aleks Aug 6 '12 at 7:24
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You need change http header Last-Modified to browser identify change image and download new image. Your response apparently is correct.

var headerValue = Request.Headers['If-Modified-Since'];
if (headerValue != null)
    var modifiedSince = DateTime.Parse(headerValue).ToLocalTime();
    // Insert date of your file change
    if (modifiedSince >= dateOfFileChanged)
        return new HttpStatusCodeResult(304, "Page has not been modified");

// page has been changed.
// generate a view ...

// .. and set last modified in the date format specified in the HTTP rfc.
Response.AddHeader('Last-Modified', dateOfFileChanged.

This code is extracted from this question Last-Modified Header in MVC .

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A proper HTTP caching mechanism is definitly better than using a random number in the URL. Got my vote. –  TheNameless Aug 7 '12 at 13:36
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