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Hi I am creating a Facebook Picture Design application

When a user A will go to application, then he can take part in group competition and can invite other friends to join his team to improve his drawing. User A will create a drawing and his invited friends can join and improve his drawing.

Now the question is if user will send normal invitation (method: apprequest) to his friends. How his friends will redirected to his drawing page after facebook auth.

Ex: user's A drawing URL:

and respectivily for other users ..... and so on..

Users a drawing page is at controller drawing/1 for invited user after auth can be redirected to

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When you send a request you can also send some data along with the request. After your request is sent, Facebook will return the new request's id to your app, which your app may store in a local database. Later, the user clicks on the request notification and is redirected to your app's canvas page. When the user lands on your canvas page, your app can can either..

  • use the data parameter
  • use the request id determine what is shown to the user.

For example, if you decide to use the data parameter, simply pass the drawing id as the data parameter whilst creating the request so that when your user lands on the canvas page your app will display the proper drawing.

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