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I'm trying to set up a very basic system for uploading files to my rails 3.1 app. Before people start throwing paperclip and carrierwave links at me, let me say that this is NOT the solution that I am looking for. I have read quiet a few posts on this topic, however, all the code I saw was either depreciated in rails 3.1 or I just did not understand how people came to a solution to this problem.

Updated view/form: (haml)

%h1 File Upload
= form_for :upload,:url=>{:action => 'uploadFile'},:html => { :multipart => true } do |f|
    %label{:for => "upload_file"} Select File
    \#{f.file_field 'datafile'}
  = f.submit "Upload"

Updated controller:

class UploadController < ApplicationController
  def index
     render :file => 'upload/uploadfile.haml'

  def uploadFile
    file_param = params[:upload][:datafile]
    post = DataFile.save(file_param)
    render :text => "File has been uploaded successfully"

Updated model

class DataFile < ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.save(upload)
    # Changed Default Destination: [__RAILS_DIR__/public/data]
    name = "public/data/" + upload.original_filename

    # can haz data directory?
    require 'FileUtils'

    File.open(name, "wb") { |f| f.write(upload.read) }

The Solution:

Above is the correct code I used to add simple uploading functionality to my rails 3.1 app

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There's a lot of details missing here. Which file does the error occur in? Which line of code? Does the controller even correctly get to uploadFile? Is upload["datafile"] even defined? Where is the file argument in uploadFile coming from? –  slhck Aug 5 '12 at 21:19
As near as I can tell the error is occurring in data_file.rb, my only model. –  Dubious Aug 6 '12 at 20:26

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You are passing unnecessary argument "file" to the uploadFile method. It's an action and passing argument to it is not possible. Just remove the "file" argument.

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