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I'm to get a list of the users photos (one's they've been tagged in) using FQL. Basically I've go an array object like so: _imageAddressArray.

I can retrieve the users' photos using graphApi so I know it works, problem with graphAPi is that it's too slow (+15 seconds min for 100 photos).

So far I've got:

    //New Stuff
    FQL fql = new FQL(facebook);
    String FQLResult = null;

        _userGallery = graphApi.getPhotosMy(_noOfPhotos);
        FQLResult = fql.fqlQuery("SELECT object_id, src_small FROM photo");
    catch (EasyFacebookError e) 

    System.out.println("FQL Result" + FQLResult);

This returns the error: 601, any ideas anyone?

Of course ideally FQLResult will be a string[] (string array)

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You're getting an error because you don't have a WHERE clause in your FQL statement that references one of the indexed columns -- shown with a "*" here

To get the photos using FQL that your user has been tagged in, try this:

SELECT object_id, src_small FROM photo WHERE object_id IN 
  (SELECT object_id FROM photo_tag WHERE subject = me())
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Thank you, I'll try this tonight and get back. One question, what will this return? What kind of array? –  iLoveUnicorns Aug 6 '12 at 9:43
It returns a JSON array. –  cpilko Aug 6 '12 at 12:28
Thanks this works great. –  iLoveUnicorns Aug 6 '12 at 16:28

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