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I am using the gvisAnnotatedTimeLine function from the googleVis package, and was wondering if there was a way of adding in a Title (not an annotation) into the output, as I can't see an argument for it in the function help file.

Thanks in advance

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In alot of cases I use html and css to label plots from googlevis. –  Seth Aug 6 '12 at 1:53
Sorry, I'm not familiar with html or css, can you give me a quick example of the code in R needed to do that, as I'm not sure where I would go about starting to put in the html code so that the titles appear...thanks...furthermore...would this work if you have used gvisMerge to put together a bunch of gvisAnnotatedTimeLine graphs, and you wanted the title on each of them? –  h.l.m Aug 6 '12 at 2:01

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Here is a function that should include a title to the chart. The input is either an HTML string or a shiny.tag.

addGvisATLTitle <- function(gvisATL,title)  {

if (!all(class(gvisATL) == c("gvis","list"))) {
  stop('ERROR in addGvisATLTitle: Incorrect type, expect gvisAnnotatedTimeLine.')
if (class(title) == "character") {
  gvisATL$html$chart['divChart'] <- paste(title,gvisATL$html$chart['divChart'],sep="")
} else if (class(title) == "shiny.tag") {
  gvisATL$html$chart['divChart'] <- paste(as.character(title)[1],gvisATL$html$chart['divChart'],sep="")
} else {
  stop('ERROR in addGvisATLTitle: Unknown title type.')

you can test it out with

 a <- data.frame(date=Sys.Date(),val=20)
 b <- gvisAnnotatedTimeLine(a)
 plot(addTitle(b,"<h1> My chart </h1>"))
 plot(addTitle(b,h1("My chart")))
  • I have updated it to work with gvisMerge
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